PSAI Advanced Wreck:

Penetration-Overhead Manual  


The Professional Scuba Association International’s (PSAI) Advanced Wreck: Penetration-Overhead Manual course is thoroughly covers proper techniques, skills and knowledge required to penetrate wrecks using proper techniques.  It is one of the most comprehensive advanced wreck diving manuals found on the market.


222 pages



  • The Adventure of Wreck Penetration or Overhead Diving
  • Potential Risks & Hazards Associated with Wreck Diving
  • Equipment for Advanced Wreck Diving
  • Propulsion Techniques and Buoyancy Control
  • Wreck Penetration Guidelines
  • Gas Management
  • Pre-Dive Preparation for Wreck Diving
  • Advanced Wreck Diving Procedures and Operations
  • Underwater Communication for Wreck Diving
  • Managing Stress and Preventing Panic
  • Dealing With Emergencies
  • Review of Accident Analysis
  • Researching Wrecks to Dive
  • Wreck Diving Conservation and the Law

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